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Coil Nail Machine

ID# 001125
713-714 Bldg21, Oriental New World, Chaohu City, A 713-714 Bldg21, Oriental New World, Chaohu City, A
Abbeville, AL 12312
United States
+86-551-82819016 (Main Phone)
<p>The <a href="" target="_self">Coil nail machine</a> is a kind of automatically equipment for making coil nails and coil roofing nails. It adopts PLC control, touch screen and electrical components with high quality, detection for lacking od material. Leaking, counting and cutting automatically. Low noise, save energy, high working speed and easy to operate. Coil nails are widely used in construction and decoration, such as soft and hardwood, bamboo ware, ordinary, plastic, mud wall, repair furniture, packing wooden cases, etc. The <a href="" target="_self">Coil Nail Making Machine</a> is a fully automatic high-frequency high-speed welding equipment. The iron nails are placed in the hopper for automatic discharge. The nails are arranged in order by the vibrating disk and then welded into wire rows through the discharge track. The nails are then automatically immersed in the paint to prevent rust, and the drying and counting are automatically rolled into rolls (flat top type and pagoda type), According to the set number of each roll cut automatically, the operator will package the finished product. The equipment uses imported programmable controller and touch graphics display and other high-tech products, the system of missing material, missing nails, counting, shearing and other technological processes are automatically detected, making the whole system accurate, reliable and stable in quality.</p>
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